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Get your puppy socialised nice and early with our NEW Urban Pups group walk. The best time to socialise and train good behaviours for your puppy is while it is young. Urban Pups is a tailored group walk for puppies and young dogs over 4 months of age. This walk is designed to build your puppy's confidence and socialisation skills while also burning off the endless excess energy that all young dogs have. The Urban Walkies team will take the group to some amazing locations around Auckland, providing them with a safe and relaxed atmosphere to learn and play with their furpals. 

Urban Walkies will collect your pup from your home and take them out for up to two paw-some hours with other like-minded pups of the same age and size. Then after the fun is all over we will drop then back home for a well-earnt nap. You will definitely notice your pup to be more relaxed, more social and confident with other dogs and will be less likely to be destructive and chew things around the house from boredom especially while you are at work.    


Our Service Includes:

- Complimentary meet and greet with your walker prior to your first walk

- 1 Day a Week Urban Pups Group Walk. 

- Up to 2 hours of fun and socialisation with other puppies

- Collection and return of your puppy.

- High-quality treats and plenty of water

- Free collection and return of your pet 



- Early socialisation of your pup which can avoid a lot of behavioural issues later in life

- Exercise and mental stimulation which burns off that puppy energy leaving them relaxed and less likely to chew things around the house

- More affordable than most doggy daycare centres when you order 3 or more walks a week.

- Free collection and return of your pet which saves you time and money sitting in peak hour traffic picking up and dropping off your dog at daycare.




- Puppies must have had their 9 week and 12 week vaccination. 


Please Note: Add a second pup for only $10 per day. All pups must be from the same household. Save even more with our three and five days a week packs. We also offer 10x casual group walking packages that you can choose the days you require as you go. If you have any questions or extra requirements you would like to discuss please contact us and we'll be happy to help.