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What's involved?

A lot of dogs, and a whole lot of fun! This fun-filled group dog walk is ideal for canine companions who love to play and make new furry friends.

Is your dog-friendly with other dogs? Do they love to be outside, running around on the beach, park, or mountainside with their furry friends? Then this is the service for you!

Each session is 2-3 hours of bushwalking,, running on the beach, exploring new and exciting hidden locations around Auckland. There are sights and sound, and most importantly smells and scents that your dog will absolutely adore. It is a great opportunity to not only exercise your pet but also to improve their quality of life by safely socialising as a pack in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.


Location: Various - usually within 1-hour travel of Auckland CBD

One of our favourite places to go with the dogs is Kakamatua Inlet. It ís a secret paradise for owners and dogs alike. One of Auckland's best dog-friendly beaches, we visit when the tide is low and it ís safe for the dogs to play on the beach and in the shallows. There's even a freshwater stream for them to have a drink after all the fun and adventures with their other furry pals. 

We also love Te Tatua-a-Riukiuta (Big King), where our Groups can safely explore, play and climb to new heights with their furry friends.

One of our secret locations in Auckland where we go bushwalking and exploring the gorgeous rainforests. It's perfect for staying cool on a hot day.


Our Service Includes:

Free collection and return of your pet from your residence

  A Day of action-packed doggy fun!  

Hours of running and playing on the beach parks, mountains and other locations.

Socialisation with other dogs in a relaxed and fun atmosphere 

High-quality treats and plenty of water

Daily photos and/or videos of your pet out on their adventures with us sent directly to your phone in real-time.

 Rinse and towel down (if muddy or wet)


Essential to participate in group sessions:

  • Your dog must be non-aggressive (friendly) towards other dogs to participate in the group sessions. 
  • Must be good off lead (has good recall).  


Please allow a minimum of 24 hours to process orders. Add a second or third dog for only $20 more per dog/per walk. Select the number of dogs above. Dogs must be from the same household/owner. Time includes pick up and drop off of your pet. If you have any questions or extra requirements you would like to discuss please contact us.