Socialising Your Dog During COVID.

If the pandemic has been hard on us humans, just imagine how tough it must have been on our pets! Our dogs love spending time outdoors - rolling in the wet grass, running across the park with their furry friends, and even sniffing around the neighbourhood - they love all such little things! But with so many restrictions in place, none of this has been possible. And it’s needless to say that these times have been stressful for dogs as well.


As pet parents, it’s on us to ensure the well-being of our dogs, and socializing is one crucial aspect that contributes to healthy and happy dogs. It helps them be more comfortable during interactions with dogs, humans and other animals. So even though we have certain restrictions in place, we can always consider altering our dog socialization plans and taking our pets outside as much as we can.


Almost all pet parents are now working from home, and let’s accept it - our pets are bearing the brunt of it. We barely have any time to spare for ourselves, let alone our dogs. As the restrictions are easing, it's time we consider taking our dogs to explore the world outside. So here’s how you can socialize your dogs during Covid 19:

Spend Time With Your Dog Outside

If you have some space outside your home, make sure you spend some time every day with your dog outside. You don't have to do much - just sit with your dog and watch the hustle and bustle of the neighbourhood. This would help your dog get acquainted with different activities, sounds and smells all at once!

Go For Car Rides

Starting off with a car ride would be a better option, rather than taking your dog for a walk directly. Short rides around the block will get your dogs used to not only the car but also the neighbourhood!

Take Them for a Walk

Walks can be a bit difficult, as you have to maintain 2 meters from other people and dogs. But you can always give it a try! Look for streets or lanes that aren't as crowded as others, as it would allow you to relax and walk around, without worrying about the social distancing aspect. And for your dog, walks are a great way to expose them to new experiences and stimuli. Dogs absolutely love walks (and you’d get some exercise too!) - so it’s a win-win situation right there!


Allow Them to Explore Indoors

Dogs always have their sniffer mode on - whether it’s outside or inside their homes, it just doesn't matter to them! So don’t stop them from inspecting different toys, common things in your home, anything that makes sounds or things with different textures. Just be careful to prevent any injuries, chewing or incidental or accidental ingestion. Treats for good and gentle behaviour are always welcome!

Prepare Them for Vet Visits

Now vet visits aren’t something that you can avoid - every now and then, you’d have to take your dog to the vet. To ensure they are comfortable in the vet’s clinic, you need to get your dogs used to different types of handling. Gently play with their paws, ears and tail, as this would prepare them for general checkups, vaccinations, medications and even grooming. 

Socilisation Group walks

No time to socilise your pet? Urban Walkies have daily Adventure Group Dog Walks - an activity that’s absolutely loved by our furry friends. Let your dog enjoy the outdoors with like-minded fur friends - we can assure your dog will have the time of their lives in this super fun adventure walk.


Reach out to Urban Walkies right away for more details!


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